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Van adaptation

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Processing vans

Evrogeyms Ltd. provides processing of passenger cars, vans, minibuses and luxury coaches of cargo in passenger and passenger trucks, and use change from one type to another. We suggest making a special appearance and type of cars, processing and manufacturing of custom vehicles. For our clients we offer as an option a free consultation, and legalization of the vehicle type. We conduct product certification, approval by an accredited and registration to the Service. Evrogeyms Ltd. makes every kind pretapitseriya of cars, vans, minibuses and luxury coaches. Production of seats on the model of the company, according to the brand of the car, according to the requirements of all accredited testing laboratories. We work with all the services in the territory of Europe.

We perform partial and complete transformation of vans / cargo passenger /, which includes import equipment and retrofitting seats: a model consistent with the client and we offer as a company. We offer both luxury and mid-range equipment. We import and produce mold and mold as well, ceilings, columns, curtains, sheets, floors, luggage racks / with air, decoration and lighting /. We offer various types of lighting on the ceiling tailored to the client’s requirements, we offer open and closed-type shelves, and various heating and floor and a recessed ceiling. Position the TV, navigation, TV and DVD, and wireless and wired microphones. Luxury performance can be placed as a coffee maker, refrigerator and other goodies We performed the air conditioning systems for buses, which has all certificates / ISO 9001: 2000, ISO18001: 2007, ISO14001: 2004. , TUV, CE /. We offer guarantees minimum – two years as well as repair and warranty support. As part of processing and refurbishment and put any kind of glass of all types of vans, buses, trailers, and more – with a seal, panoramic, double glazing glass and other world-class, certified and approved. At the customer perform foiling glass vans, cows and cars with American film. One of the activities of Evrogeyms Ltd is setting, making supply and installation of automatic doors, automatic doors, hair, platforms for disabled, stoves, stove sink world’s leading manufacturers. We import import, place and assemble backpacks storage for all types of vans.

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