About us

Evrogeyms Company Ltd. was established in 2004 as a trading company.
The main activity is related to manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and service of tourist attraction trains. Cohesive team, innovative ideas, tasks, achievement of the objectives and permanent contacts with customers led us to understand it, we have to develop and adequately respond to the need to exist generate new and more beautiful custom tourist trains. Latest trends of the company are related to the idea of green transport. Our company strives to develop its eco and electric trains. Electric train that runs without rails is a clean ecological solution for moving, joy for children and enables disadvantaged people to enjoy the beautiful tour.
Ecological traveling in parks, protected areas, resorts and other is not only a big priority for your country and municipalities, but in recent years is a major interest of private investors!
Gained significant experience in Bulgaria brought us customers from all over the world and we are proud with partners like Turkey, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary and others.
We have a workshop for metal structures equipped with all necessary tools and metalworking machinery for manufacturing chassis, trailers and constructions for cars and trucks. We have a base for repairing, maintenance and servicing both commercial and passenger vehicles equipped with four halls and elevators column, two-column lifts and channel for cars and trucks, along with the necessary facilities, equipment and tools for the construction and processing cars. The company has a plant for the production of fiberglass products, and camera for painting cars and trucks.
Our company has always strived to achieve and maintain the highest levels of quality products at competitive price and also adheres to global standards and requirements for production, delivery and installation. All mechanisms in the company have a commitment to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
With our experience, reputation and a significant number of completed projects on the design, production and sale of tourist attraction trains the company ranks among the largest producers and traders of luxury and custom attraction tourist trains. The company is certified with ISO9001:2008, ISO18001:2007, ISO14001:2004. We produce custom made tourist trackless trains, as petrol/gas, diesel as well as electric trains.
Tourist attraction train can take you anywhere. It is to stimulate the interest of tourists to archaeological sites and monuments, and they can enjoy the train tour nice and comfortable ,they dont need to walk. Many municipalities in the person of their representatives, local authorities and mayors themselves, welcomed the decision to implement a new idea and it is a new way to say this platform is a springboard for business, to stimulate your country and it itself can help promoting the product and tourism itself. Tourist attraction train can take you to see all targeted sites, regardless of distance, so as not to miss the opportunity to see the archaeological sites and monuments in all tourist areas that are away for examination alone. Fun for kids trackless train complies with its route and individual wishes of tourists in order to maximize satisfaction of the train tour.
Another advantage of the tourist train is its versatility in the transport, it is not running on rails (trackless), it can go both long-distance as well as difficult to reachable areas. The decision to use it is reasonable and fair, as the area surroundings and attractions are busy and it is difficult to reach with other types of vehicles. Buses do not provide such an attractive option to consider while traveling and do not lead to any desired places . Taxis on the other hand are an expensive luxury that is not affordable to everyone. Here is the tourist train – a new idea, which is an important alternative for Cultural train tour in a nice breath from the wind or the movement of slow tourist attraction train.
In many cities the tourist train is visible even as the main tool for excursions, train rides and type of vehicle to entertain tourists. Slowand quiet ride at low speeds allows travelers to enjoy the most of the pleasant journey and discover local amenities and attractions. Train tour beside that is affordable. It is a means to learn about the original culture of the visited place as a prelude to the overall positive perception of the visited country. It is confortable for the trackless train rides when there are tours guides, speakers and wireless microphone tourists get acquainted with everything seen during the trip, as well as tourists explore the possibilities of interactive entertainment and cultural tourism. Tourist train can perform also socio – cultural purposes to show except the public buildings, also to acquaint visitors with various entertainment and shopping centers, bookstores, cafes, which often hold various cultural events such as festivals, concerts, etc.
We produce also Electric mini trains which are consist from one locomotive and six wagons. This is one of our green ideas for transportation and entertainment of tourists! Many people welcomed the idea because mall train is electric, tracklessclean, Mini, it is fun for both children and adults, it’s slow and safe for others and occupants. Mall electric train is designed for use both indoors and outdoors!
Do not forget the vividness of the trackless train itself, which itself is a tourist attraction.
Evrogeyms Ltd. strives to win partners worldwide, for this purpose began serious policy and a build strategy for the next five years in terms of rental and franchise offering tourist attraction trains, in both domestic and international market. You can visit our online shop Euro-Attractions.com for entertainment facilities for amusement parks, outfits for historical reenactments, water attractions, park equipment and many others.
The choices for transportation vehicles are many, but certainly the most memorable is the seat of such a trackless train, which is a guarantee of positive emotions.

Company Policy.
EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 14001
BS OHSAS 18001