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Tourist attraction train – electrical

  • произвежда продава сервизира Туристическо атракционно забавно влакче локомотив вагон бавно движещ се електрически влак
  • تنتج تبيع جذب سياحي مخدومة متعة القطار قاطرة عربة تتحرك ببطء القطار الكهربائي
  • prodhon shet tërheqje shërbim turistik fun trenit lokomotivë kamionçinë ngadalë lëviz trenin elektrik
  • produces sells serviced tourist attraction fun train locomotive wagon slowly moving electric train
  • Táirgeann Díolann díol spéise do thurasóirí seirbhísithe spraoi traein vaigín innill ghluaiste go mall ag gluaiseacht traein leictreach
  • թյունը տուրիստական ​​գրավչությամբ զվարճալի գնացքը գնացքաքարշ Ունիվերսալ, կամաց – կամաց գնում է էլեկտրական գնացքով

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Tourist attraction train electric

The maximum speed of the locomotive is 40 km / h Electric motor. Size is determined by the type of terrain and length composition. The length is from 3965 to 4649 mm; width: from 1620 to 1810 mm; height: from 1745 to 2210 mm. The suspension is a 4 × 4 with fast and slow speeds. The gearbox is automatic. All the weight is 1700 to 2300 pounds. There is a seat for the driver (but the option to offer 4 LOC). Chassis: The support is made of steel with suspension can be 4 × 4 (according to the customer can be not only a front or rear-wheel drive). The braking system with hydraulic brakes for all four wheels.

Train is also a convenient place for mobile advertising for your business. Advertising on the train can be seen every day at various locations. Your goods become more noticeable as well as your company.

Tourist attraction train can take you anywhere. It is to stimulate the interest of tourists to archaeological sites and monuments, and they nice and comfortable to ride and not running. Many municipalities in the face of their representatives, local authorities and mayors themselves, welcomed the decision to carry out a new idea and a new way to say this platform and springboard for business, government to stimulate, and she can help promote the tourism product and tourism.

The train can take you to see all locations identified, regardless of the distance, so as not to miss the opportunity to see archaeological sites and monuments in all tourist areas that are far to self-examination. Train your route complying with the individual desires of tourists in order to maximize satisfaction of the trip.

Another advantage of the train is its versatility in the transport, it can go both long-haul and awkward. The decision to use is reasonable and fair, as the areas surrounding attractions are loaded and there it is difficult to reach by other types of vehicles. Buses do not provide such an attractive place to while traveling and do not lead to any desired locations targeted. Taxis on the other hand are an expensive luxury that is not affordable to everyone. Here is where the tourist train – a new idea is a successful alternative for cultural tour under the breath of the pleasant wind or by the movement of slow moving attraction train.

In many cities the tourist train is visible even as the main tool for trip and means to entertain tourists. Nice and easy travel at low speeds allows travelers to fully enjoy the pleasant journey and discover local amenities and attractions. Tour It has also affordable. It is a means to learn about the original culture of the place visited as a prelude to the overall positive perception of the visited country. It is convenient when there are in train tour, speakers and wireless microphone tourists acquainted with each saw something during your trip, tourists also get to know the possibilities of interactive entertainment and cultural tourism. Train can carry and socio – cultural purposes to show except public buildings and to acquaint visitors with the various entertainment and shopping centers, bookstores, cafes, where often hold various cultural events such as festivals, concerts, etc.

Do not forget the vividness of the actual train, which in itself is a tourist attraction. The choice of means of transport are many, but certainly the most memorable is the seat of such a train, which is a guarantee of positive emotions.

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