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Rental of tourist attraction fun trains

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Rental of tourist attraction train

EVROGEYMS Ltd. offers tourist attraction trains, such as whole compositions, and only locomotives (tractors) and rental cars with both drivers for the carriage of passengers, tourists and clients in need of transportation services, activities and transfers from one place to another. We attach trains for the country and also abroad. Trains are equipped with comfortable seats have safety glass blame to prevent wind and rain. Equipped with cameras safe journey and a speed limiter. We offer a version with sound system for listening to music, and bezhichen microphone for use by tour. We have developed a luxury variant with refrigerator, DVD, Invalid and oven heating for your comfortable journey.

The price would be determined by whether the whole composition rent or just a single wagon or tractor, and whether to hire a vehicle with fuel and driver.

Price does not include accommodation of driver, parking and tolls in the country and abroad, transport platform. Law on passenger requires driving this type of vehicle to be performed only by a licensed driver. To rent this type of train and control it yourself you must have a valid driver’s license with appropriate category issued by the country in which you are a citizen and go 6 hours training our competent representative.

Prices in hiring for events or single cases are negotiated and determined depending on mileage used days, travel and all other charges incurred in the trip. Pricing in these tourist attraction vehicles is more specific and takes into account the number of days rental and mileage.

Additional driver fee is 20 Euro per day within Bulgaria and 25 Euro per day abroad.

EVROGEYMS Ltd. is a certified carrier also equipped with its own fleet including: type tractors trains as petrol / gas, diesel and electric zapochvashi of 20 seats per car and get to 72 seats for three cars. Trains offer are certified to carry passengers from the Ministry of Transport, and categorized according to the requirements of the IRU and the EU.

Hiring tourist attractions trains to transport people and tourists is the cheapest in Bulgaria so it’s probably the cheapest alternative and the most suitable option for transporting large numbers of people from one point to another, both in camps and complexes and national parks and protected areas where movement is difficult or transport is limited.

We offer rent a train:
1.-party liability Full Insurance Insurance Theft
3. Prepay vignette for Bulgaria
4. 2 – ma additional driver
5. 24 hours telephone
6. – Hour Delivery
7. – Tow across Europe

More than 1 year from the creation of TouristTrain.eu realized that we have created something special for our customers, products that inspire and entertain them, colorful coasters are not for everyone they are the product for connoisseurs and the service they perform is invaluable and we believe that everyone who tried the breeze of this train will become part of ogormniyat number of customers makes us to grow our business and add many new services and facilities to them.

Train is also a convenient place for mobile advertising for your business. Advertising on the train can be seen every day at various locations. Your goods become more noticeable as well as your company.

For more information on the rental of tourist entertainment attraction trains, please contact the friendly team of “EVROGEYMS” LTD. Our Vlakopark is equipped with both new trains and a second hand at very reasonable prices. We offer good service by qualified employees. We offer our customers quality rent-a-car, rent-a-train and rent a car services.

Headquartered Varna

National phone for reservations: 0700 17 252

tel: +359 52 72 92 43

Mobile: +359 894 40 70 15

e-mail: dimitroov@abv.bg

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